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I stayed in VA for 4 days recently and had all my summer night clothing in my bag. And I stepped out of the shower today and didn't feel like getting all my stuff out. So... I just put on boxers and my bikini top. My mom walked through the front door and almost had a heart attack when she saw my ensemble I tell you. Freaked out completely. I must have looked like a hooker or something.

And I've hated these certain neighborhood kids since I moved to this house. They don't even live on my street, but in the vincinity a little way over. Even before they started stealing our mail, even before they broke into my car, attempted to steal my car, and then ended up taking my stereo and prom pictures, and sunglasses, and $$ and others. They don't even live on my street, but in the vincinity a little way over. And I hate them still now.
Esp since I went to help unload the groceries from the car after my mom freaking out, and they're outside biking on our driveway staring inside our garage at me like if they looked away someone would gouge out their eyeballs with one of those wooden ice cream truck wooden stick spoons. No I was not in the hooker clothing like the previous paragraph. But had a white tshirt and cargo pants over it.

I need to control my rage. I really just wanted to run over to them, throw a stick in their bike wheel spokes and then drop kick them off a nearby tree all the while screaming "STUPIDITY ISN'T PAINFUL ENOUGH FOR YOU!"

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I'm stressed from classes too. So $#&($&# hard. But math, I got an A. Now onto Arch.
Someone needs to take me to something like Kings Dominion. Brian, you asked, ask again! This time I'll say yes. Too bad I doubt you read this.

I'm so disconnected from everyone since I don't use aim at home. Call my cell guys. I like hearing most of your voices.
Otakon's coming up! Are you excited? Of course not, but I sure am!

I'm on my 90's korean music phase now. ^_^

<3? Would really enjoy to read lj comments from people who've read this.
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I going through my musical phases again. Right now I'm back on techno and classical. Meaning I go through all my old cds again to pull out some great techno and a few good classicals to replace whatever cd's in my car at the moment... which was party music, like outkast and such, my last phase.
Anyone who hasn't listened to my fav song since ever, Libertango... should. It's absolutely breathtaking and amazing.

math class has a week to go... but then right after that? Arch class starts as soon as math's over. Fun fun.

I tried playing the piano again, and it's just depressing how beyond rusty I've gotten. I can barely play anything cept scales. I play my flute better than piano, which I'm ridiculously rusty at also. It's rather sad.

Watching my cat and dog play fight is rather amusing.
They stare at each other, as if at a standstill. Much like a cowboy gun draw. Then like anime style... go at each other at the same time, as if they wait for a signal.
Then at first my cat tries to take out my dogs front legs.
And my dog just tries to pin my cat down.
After a few rounds of that, my cat goes for the underneath of my dog's neck, and my dog tries to just bite my cat's head in it's entirety.
Then after a few rounds of that, it's my dog goes for my cat's legs and then the cat goes for the neck... and it becomes another standstill because my cat has my dog by the neck but my dog has my cat's leg in it's jaws.

Then they get up and check themselves and lick each other's faces and then... go at it again.
They like to do a lot together.
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It's my b-day!
And what's going on? It hasn't stopped raining since it turned midnight.
And I'm pretty sure I'm still being held captive until the whole house is cleaned... since relatives are coming tomm. It looks like it'll take days... so it seems like no partying it up like I wanted to.

Oh well. I can make up for it later.

x-posted @ xanga. -Jo is very very busy cleaning. So drop me a line on my cell or the net! ^_^

& for once all my friends are here and not vacationing. *Extremely Happy*

My day is an oh so happy day-(pretty much lots and lots of death)-

or abbreviated/technologified version:
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summer classes begin.

O's game on Friday vs. the Yankees was just unbelievable. the end.

I just realized at 1:10 a.m on the day of summer classes beginning that the prof listed for this class is T. Yu.
My last math T.A was Tinghu Yu. And he was the worst son of a gun math teacher I've ever come across. He speaks horrible engrish, and is ridiculous by solving a problem with 4 blackboards continuously when you can tell the answer by looking at the problem for about a few seconds.

He did that so often that I had to end up raising my hand and telling him that very fact. His answer? "Yesh... but $&#(*$& You is correct."

And when I for some reason thought my class was an hour earlier than it really was and walked into another completely different class of his, he said nothing, and handed me one of their tests at the end of it. Too bad I sat there for an hour and thought to myself, this is more so confusing than usual... why does he keep looking at me??

I hated him. And we shall see if he is my prof for my math summer course tommorow. We shall see how this goes. There better be another T. Yu in the math department.

EDIT: Oh geez. It is him cept as my prof instead of my T.A. here goes another semester of understanding math down the drain. Oh well. That's the bad, but I guess I have some good too.
I didn't realize and parked in lot RR... I was late anyway due to bad traffic... and if I came a few more minutes later, I would have gotten a ticket. The guy who gives tickets was right there, and even laughed when I went and tripped over the roadblocks in a dark alleyway between cars. That's just great luck.
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My Geek Entry

... DC Comics is letting out a new comic on Batgirl. Finally! But here's the kicker.
She's a proud lesbian. Oh man.

"This is not just about having a gay character, we're trying for overall diversity in the DC universe. We have strong African-American, Hispanic and Asian characters. We're trying to get a better cross-section of our readership and the world."

One lovely response: "Wouldn't ugly people as heroes be more groundbreaking? You know, 200-pound woman, man with horseshoe hair loss pattern, people with cold sores, etc.?"

too bad there's already been a lesbian in the Batman series that people fail to mention... (who two-face fell in love with. wierd.) Renee Montoya, that everyone just happened to forget about. Why not make her the lesbian batgirl instead of making a new lesbian in the series?

The Asian batgirl, Cassandra Cain... yeah promote diversity alright. Great storyline and such... and then they canceled her pretty fast and put her in some other one where she becomes a killer and the thriller in her character? She's trying to learn Navajo. How exciting.

AND. Kathy Kane. Batwoman. If they make her become lesbian.. think about it. Kathy Kane was first introduced to the series to prove Batman and Robin were NOT GAY. But she comes back as.... a lesbian??? Something doesn't match up.

...Obviously that would mean that the Batcave really WAS a lovely place for lovely fun.

I find a lesbian Batgirl comic pointless as I find ropeless jumprope.
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... Yes, it's actually been patented.

and no, I'm not this much of a geek. I just happen to love superheros and the like.

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man fuck that. I tried so hard, and studied pretty much the entire semester, and didn't have really any fun and couldn't get the gpa I wanted. All because of my stupid fat mouth and my lovely ability to speak before I think, especially in front of my professors.

Now I start summer school for both sessions, then fall semester starts right after that, then winter classes, then applying for the insanely hard major I want to be in, as well as spring classes concurrently. What a dissapointment.

At least right now, I'm healthy, sane, and better off than I could be. So I'm grateful.
and happy since I've gotten my early b-day present from my parents, and 1 out of 3 World Cup 2006 Korea Jerseys that I've wanted for a while.

EDIT: I got an awesome new ringtone... and so far I've gotten to hear it once unless you count my mother. Sad. I don't get online much when I'm at home, and pretty much stay elusive as you guys say, since no ever bothers to call anymore.

And... I'm getting relatives that'll stay over for like a night on my b-day, that I don't recall ever meeting before (or knew exsisted). So yay.. I get to meet an uncle, aunt, and the younger cousin out of the two brothers, who is a year older than me. Hopefully the other brother can come too. Fun times.
But it also means I'll get to do nothing but clean the house for weeks.

^_^ There is no good without the bad.
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boiling point

It's been an absolutely horrid month. This and that. Lots of bad thises. And bad thats. lots of horror stories. So I don't go on lj as much... and don't get time to comment on youze guys entries, even though I absolutely love like 40% of them and think I have really clever and witty responses.

But pretty much I'm starting to turn into a really bitter person, and don't really give a damn about people.

It's prolly cause I need a man. ^_^ But alas, I'm starting to not really care about that either anymore.
EDIT: Well Really all I want and wish for is a nice cute korean boy to basically fall in my lap than anything else.

World Cup Soccer 2006!
I can't wait. I've been counting down the days, and watching past world cups, esp 2002 and getting all teary from them.
A lot of my life is revolving around it, like asking my b-day present (whoa. a month & 1/2?! didn't realize till now when it was.) be having my relatives bring over a bunch of world cup 2006 jerseys from Korea, because they cost an effing too much, and I'm not willing to dish out 100$ each for them...
EDIT: Actually I am willing to if my uncle doesn't get to the U.S. before the games start.

AND I ended up creating an actual life-size origami soccer ball.
I only got 1/3rd the way through, and that took me like a week, and hours upon hours and hours... since every little piece is separate and has to be put together with care into a make a single pentagon... and then attached and so on so on.
So I used it for my final project in one of my courses & will be creating another one.
It'll be MUCH better, with full South Korea colors, & design the flag and actual logos on it.

The next... till next friday... I'm ridiculously swamped with work, and have no time to do anything but study and do presentations/papers. no time for much sleep or eating. Currently I've been running on 6 hours of sleep for the past 50+ hours?, doing nothing but presenting and doing work & my heads pounding.
I've been pushing myself academically, and man. I'm feeling it. I'm a grumpy lil bastard.

& this is my last fun internet thing? for the rest of the time before getting to work. so here goes nothing.

EDIT: I'm trying to do my 12+ pg. research paper, which is due today.. and I realize that this is the 3rd night in a row where I've pulled an all-nighter. My record is 4 all nighters in a row running on mountain dew MDX & sheer will power, before I just had to lay down and sleep. Maybe I'll be forced to beat it. We shall see.
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pretty much the most asian entry yet.

So what I've come to realize is that all my life I've always been attracted to "girly looking guys"? Or that's what my parents always say, along with a couple of the girls on my floor have said about some pictures I've shown them... and said I'm wierd. >_<
I'd say it's more that I like the guys that look anime-ish, unconsiously. Bishies.

Droolworthy> An ulzzang, KKR.

So World Cup 2006... I've been lamenting for a while now. One of the best strikers that we've been waiting to see play, Lee Dong-Kook tore/snapped his knee ligaments and can't play with the Korean team in Germany. It's absolutely devastating. And we're ranked 32, while we play against 3rd ranked team France as one of the first 2 matches. It's upsetting.

yay for wasting more time instead of studying for my midterm first thing tomm morning, or doing my presentation for my speech appt tomm.

ACK! I've been playing the same clip over and over to see Kim Hyun Joong dancing Hyori's "Get Ya" music video dance. It's absolutely ADORABLE enough to die. esp since it's blatant that he has a huge crush on Hyori. it's in korean.

Leave me lots of comments to distract me from the horror of college studying.
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So tell me, there has got to be something wrong when I see videos of pros drifting, even better yet twin drifting, and almost die of happiness. Gods, it's just beyond sexy. Note that. It's one of my secret joys in life. Ken Gushi and Nomuken... <3 their skills. 2 must watch guys. Good god, they're amazing.

So midterms: I pretty much failed the astronomy midterm that I was talking about last entry, and studied like hell for my COMM midterm which I better ace... or somewhat pass good. The last 20 minutes of the midterm, when there was about 6 of the class left, some idiot pulled the fire alarm.
I looked up and told the prof "I'm sorry, but there is no way in hell that I'm leaving this classroom until I'm done." He looked at me, sighed and went "Go ahead. Finish it."
Damn straight. I walked out of the Plant Lab Sciences Building 20 minutes into the fire alarm, and had shitload of random people ask "Are you deaf? What the hell were you still doing in there?!" I was running on 2 hours of sleep and on a bottle of Mountain Dew MDX energy drink, and mind you, the midterm started at 8 a.m, so who could blame me when I responded "$^%@(#^@ you" to the entire crowd? Oh College mornings.

OH and last weekend Oliver B. called and invited me to the annual japanese exchange student rave for roose, that is this friday night. If it's like last years and it should be, it's 7-midnight in the bowie firehouse. Anyone up for it... or have the link to his DJ site? or his #? I forgot to save it.

St. Patties night party was a complete blast. However we've been sworn to secrecy of the going ons of that night because most of it was... for lack of a better word, hilariously ridiculous.
OH and V for Vendetta is a really great movie. I highly recommend it, but don't go in trying to compare it to the Matrix action wise.

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been studying since 12:30 a.m and nowhere near done or anywhere near smart in the first 6 chapters. Have my first class in less than 4 hours... So I have less than 5 hours to finish studying since I'm probably going to skip my first class to study more for my midterm @ 9 a.m. YAY!


my head hurts like satan.